Reverse Lookup Tools

Reverse Whois Tool
Discover all domains, emails and aliases associated with a specific individual or organization.
Domain Search
Reverse keyword search tool. Discover all domains that contain one or more specific keywords.
Reverse IP Tool
Discover all domains on a particular IP, subnet or IP block complete with whois and web site information.
Reverse DNS Tool
Discover all domains on a particular name server (DNS) complete with whois and web site information.
Reverse MX Tool
Discover all domains on a particular mail server complete with whois and web site information.
Reverse Google® Analytics Tool
Discover all domains using a specified Google® Analytics site tracking ID.
Reverse Google® AdSense Tool
Discover all domains using a specified Google® Adsense advertising account ID.
Registrar Domain Counts
Get a list of all registrars and the number of domains registered at each.
Reverse Map Search
Discover all domains in a certain geographical location.
Email/Registrant Count Lookup
Retrieve associated domain counts for a given set of email addresses, registrant names or domain names.
Identity Discovery
Drill down and explore relationships between domain names, email addresses and registrant names.
Portfolio Analyzer
Generate a comprehensive report from a list of domain names.

Monitoring and Communication

Add a Monitor
Monitor domain names, registrant and emails, and DNS servers, and receive alerts when changes occur.
Monitoring Reports
View and edit your active monitors and alerts.
Contact Owner
Contact a domain name's owner to make a regular or anonymous offer.

Data and Historical Tools

Bulk WHOIS Lookup
Quickly retrieve WHOIS records for a batch of domains.
Bulk DNS Tool
Check live DNS servers for many domains quickly to find nameservers, mail servers or IPs.
Bulk IP WHOIS Lookup
Resolve domain names to IPs and check the whois for those IPs with geo-location parsing.
Bulk Snapshot Tool
Retrieve a batch of live snapshots for multiple domains at once.
Hosting Research
View historical hosting and mail records for any domain.
Domain Snapshot History
See what web sites looked like in the past with our snapshot history tool.
Domain Similarity Finder
Generate a report showing similarities across a batch of domains.
Domain Registration History
Research domains to determine if they have ever been registered, and find the date of first registration.
Zone Files
Download live and historical zone files, which are files that contain a list of every registered domain name.
API Access
Use our powerful API to access domainIQ tools and services automatically.

Top Listing Reports

Top DNS Report
View top nameservers and drilldown by nameserver.
Top Registrar Report
View top registrars and drilldown by registrar.
Top Parking Providers
View top parking providers.

Enterprise & Affiliate

Enterprise Services
Get information on our in-depth data offerings for enterprise customers.
Affiliate Program
Earn cash by referring customers to us. We pay recurring for each referral, every month.

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