Welcome SiQuest Customers!

As part of our exclusive deal with SiQuest, you can now take advantage of domainIQ’s tools and unique research capabilities at a price not available to any other partner.

Our partnership with SiQuest includes a trial period that will allow you to access many of our features free of charge for 15 days. During the trial period you will be able to evaluate our solutions and choose a level of engagement that is best suited to your needs.

We look forward to our continuing partnership with SiQuest and we are excited to serve you in your internet research needs.

Access our data and tools in multiple ways...

With every membership, you can access our research data and tools directly on our web site, or through full integration with the SiQuest Internet Examiner Toolkit.

You will receive an API key immediately after signing up which you can input into the Internet Examiner Toolkit and activate domainIQ features within the software.

About domainIQ

domainIQ Corp. is a premier supplier of domain name analytics that specializes in serving the IT security industry as well as law encorcement agencies.

The unique services provided by domainIQ are designed to assist security researchers, government organizations and law firms in domain name and internet research. The tools offered by domainIQ are easily customizable to help organizations and individuals navigate complex issues by utilizing unique data, and technologies.

With domainIQ you can:

  • Check live whois (ownership) record for any domain name, IP address or web site
  • Check historical ownership records for any domain name, IP address or web site
  • Find all domain names belonging to an individual or organization
  • Find all web sites hosted on a particular IP address, now or in the past
  • Find all domain names on a particular DNS (name) server and monitor them for changes
  • View historical snapshots of every registered domain name
Research everything related to domain names and web sites in one place.

Available plan types:

  • SiQuest Basic - $4.95/month or $50/year
  • SiQuest Advanced - $14.95/month or $150/year
  • SiQuest Enterprise - $49.95/month or $450/year

Please contact us to get started. Include the email address you used when purchasing your SiQuest product.