Reverse Whois Search

About this tool.

Discover all domain names associated with an individual or organization, including domain names they owned in the past.

Simply enter a domain or terms that describe a domain owner, such as an email address or a company name, and we'll instantly search all whois records for those terms.

Practical Applications:
  • Prioritize brand enforcement strategies
  • Strengthen UDRP/WIPO filings
  • Research a competitors IP portfolio
  • Build complete threat assessments of infringers
  • Inventory domains for due-diligence research and asset management

DISCLAIMER: Information provided on domainIQ is gathered using automated means from public sources such as registrar whois records, web sites and search engines. As a result, all information provided is subject to errors, inaccuracies, inconsistencies and incompleteness. Although domainIQ takes steps to ensure all information provided is accurate and recent, domainIQ cannot guarantee the accuracy, condition or availability of any information provide on this site. All information is provided "AS IS". Portfolio information includes a summary of all data gathered from the user's original query and is also generated using automated means and subject to errors, inaccuracies, inconsistencies and incompleteness.