Recent News

API improvements, increased ccTLD support and more

We are continuously improving the quality of our tools and data. Based on your recent feedback, feature updates include:

API Improvements that focus on faster speed and greater control

  • Users now have the ability to delete individual items or even entire monitoring reports via API.
  • Simple Whois API option that provides a faster way to query registrant data without pulling related domains or nameserver data, which increases call speed.
Greater Functionality and Better Data
  • An improved monitor landing page with a daily summary view to help you organize your alerts.
  • Full support for the UK, CL and FI ccTLDs, including keyword monitoring.
  • Updated Domain Search tool with added support for RU, DE, FR, CA and CO ccTLDs.
  • Improved systemwide Reverse IP tools, featuring live results that are no more than 48 hours old for all domains in all major gTLD/nTLD zones.
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