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Improvements to the Monitoring System

Based on great feedback sent to us by customers like yourself, we've added many new features and fixed many beta bugs in the monitoring system. As you may know, our monitoring system allows you to create monitoring alerts for domain names, DNS servers, registrants and emails and is one of our most popular features.

Here is a brief summary of the new features, bug fixes and changes:

  • Keyword Monitoring - You can now monitor up to 10,000 keywords for new registrations with the ability to custom filter the registrar, DNS, registrant, email and more.
  • Registrar Monitoring - You can now monitor specific registrars for new registrations, with the ability to custom filter the keyword, DNS, registrant, email and more.
  • Advanced Filtering Options - Both keyword and registrar monitoring systems allow you to create advanced monitoring rules by including and excluding keywords, registrars, DNS servers and other data points to narrow down exactly what you want to see.
  • E-mail Alerts - We've changed how frequently email alerts are sent out to ensure that you are notified as soon as changes are detected.
  • Bug Fixes and Feature Requests - We've fixed many bugs and added small features that you have requested.

What's the point of monitoring? There are many reasons to create monitoring alerts. For example, you may wish to monitor your own portfolio to protect against domain name hijacking, or you may want to monitor your competitors portfolio to see what he/she is selling.

The monitoring system is never done. Please send us your comments and suggestions and we'll continue to improve it!

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