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Welcome to domainIQ!

The Intelium Corp. development team is proud to announce the beta launch of our latest service, domainIQ!

domainIQ allows you to perform comprehensive domain and web site research quickly, efficiently and at a fraction of the cost charged by competitors.

Service Summary:

  • Visualize - Our presentation is different. We present a mountain of data in a clear and easy to understand format using large fonts and pie charts. View information in multiple formats such as table format, graphical format and snapshot format. Understand what you're looking better at by analyzing it from different pivot points.
  • Whois + Analytics - Unlike competing services that provide simple whois based reports, we combine over 50 data sets into our domain reports, including valuation, traffic rank, usage, categorization, analytics, web site data, and dozens more to give you unparalleled access to information useful in gathering domain name intelligence.
  • Powerful Tools - Dig deeper and discover more with a wide array of domain research tools not available anywhere else. Research privacy protected domains with our identity discovery tool, contact domain owners with our anonymous contact tool and perform advanced domain research with our reverse research tools.
  • Fast and Responsive - Our system was built to scale. Whether you are researching a single domain or thousands of domains, we can handle it without breaking a sweat. We store detailed records on over 200 million active and expired domain names going back to 2002.
  • Trust and Authority - We've been developing software for the domain name industry for over a decade and have built a reputation for creating consistent, reliable and easy to use software. Unlike other industry service providers, our core business is creating software, not buying domains, so you never have to worry about your queries being used to compete with you. We take extreme steps to ensure your data is safe and confidential.

Research like a Pro

Take your domain research to the next level with domainIQ.

Our unique service will increase your research efficiency, cut your research costs and allow you to view domain and web site data in a way never before available.

This service was created by engineers with over a decade of experience in the domain industry. Our other services include EstiBot,, Domainex, DomainResearchTool, PremiumDrops and many others.

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Bug Reports and Feature Suggestions

Found a bug? Please use the bug report feature (available by pressing the little bug button on the left side of the screen) to report bugs.

Work is still underway to finish the service so please let us know if you have a feature request and we'll gladly add it in.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy the site!

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